About Me

I believe that a more interconnected world is only achieved through a combination of curiosity and empathy. Because of this, I love operating in the spaces that at first seem to defy description, and I seek out things that can't be neatly summarized right away.

With this perspective driving me, creating delightful digital experiences, and lowering the barrier of entry to those experiences are the common threads through everything I've tried to do in my working life.

While my career in web design has afforded me many opportunities to continue applying this approach, I believe the work experiences that preceded this career are invaluable and inseparable from what I do today.
For example:
- I spent 6 years as a professional educator and quality assurance expert in the world of specialty coffee, and during this time competed in the U.S. Coffee Championships, which to borrow a phrase, are "part Olympics and part Dog Show". Ask me about it.
- I cleaned people's homes for an environmentally-focused small business.
- I continue to make collaborative art and music, and have toured North America with my group, Products Band.